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Salmonella Infantis Investigation Continuing


According to a CDC release on October 17, 92 cases of Salmonella Infantis infection have been reported form 29 states requiring 21 hospitalizations. All of the cases have been traced back to consumption or contact with raw chicken products. The outbreak strain demonstrates resistance to a number of antibiotics and has been isolated from broilers and from product in a number of complexes.

The implication is that Salmonella Infantis may be widespread in the U.S. broiler industry. No specific supplier has been identified, a fact which has created concern at the NCC which is cooperating with the CDC and the FSIS to determine the sources of infection, define the epidemiology and to develop remedial measures.

In the interim, the CDC is issuing the usual recommendations concerning safe handling and preparation of chicken including personal hygiene and thorough cooking are appropriate.

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