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Chipotle to Achieve Growth Through Enhanced Menus and Digital Ordering


In his progress to revitalize Chipotle Mexican Grill, Brian Niccol, CEO is basing his efforts on both expansion of menus and increased convenience for customers.  New menu items include nachos, avocado tostadas and bacon dishes.  The second innovation will be a concentration on digital sales. During the third quarter, this channel grew by 48 percent and represented 11 percent of total sales.


In order to expedite digital orders, a second preparation line has been installed in 750 restaurants currently in operation and the remainder are scheduled for an upgrade by the end of 2019.


Chipotle has been burdened by the lack of drive-through windows in freestanding and shopping-center stores.  Basing his experience at Taco Bell, Niccol has emphasized mobile apps and technology which appear to be showing benefits.

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