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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane



The following items of concern to the poultry industry will be reviewed in greater detail in upcoming editions of CHICK-NEWS and EGG-NEWS:-

  • 2018 Corn Crop Contaminated with DON:-Assays on new-crop corn reveal a problem of DON contamination. The FDA have set an upper level of 10 ppm in poultry feeds. Many elevators and corn-ethanol refiners have set upper limits on incoming corn of 5 ppm since the toxin is concentrated in DDGS and hogs cannot tolerate levels above 5 ppm.
  • McDonald’s takes on Chick-fil-A with Breast-Meat Sandwich:- McDonald’s is field-testing an “ultimate chicken sandwich intended to compete with quality leader Chick-fil-A. The product will be made to order incorporating a “lightly breaded and seasoned chicken breast”
  • USPOULTRY Foundation Allocates Research Funds: The USPOULTRY Foundation has assigned $385,000 in funding to five projects at major universities to study basic and applied aspects of broiler and egg production.
  • Sysco Share Slide Brings Down Food Service Competitors: Following release of Q1 FY2019 earnings which were under Street expectations US Foods, Performance Foods and to a lesser extent Spartan Nash fell in sympathy as fear of escalation in operating costs sparked a selloff.
  • California Adopts Proposition #12: Predictably voters in California passed Proposition #12 which effectively bans caged housing of hens in addition to confinement of veal calves and hogs. Implications for the state and nation will be considered in greater detail.

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