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Increased Prevalence of ASF in China


Officials in China have acknowledged the emergence of ASF in Guangdong Province bringing the number of revealed cases to 92.

Previously CHICK-NEWS questioned official reports documenting the incidence rate and number of hogs affected echoed by observers in Hong Kong. Traders and officials have condemned the lack of transparency displayed by the Government of China regarding the number of farms affected and the magnitude of losses sustained to date.

An interesting observation was a recent press release that noted “the death of 11 hogs in a slaughter house.” This clearly indicates that farmers are consigning hogs to abattoirs from farms with clinical cases in order to constrain losses. This means that hogs potentially shedding virus are being transported over long distances complicating attempts to controlling the infection.

The severity of the situation is evidenced by the rise in price of both live hogs and pork in urban markets and announcement of cancellation of shipments from Guangdong Province to neighboring Hong Kong.

The CEO of Smithfield Foods, owned by Chinese agribusiness enterprise WH Group recently stated that “ASF has the potential to have significant market impacts in 2019.” The current trade dispute stands between U.S. producers and potential importers in China. The Government of China may have to make concessions to satisfy demand for pork if ASF makes further inroads into supply.

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