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HatchTech Introduces Updated Hatch Traveler™ Chick Transporter


The hybrid, battery-driven trailer for the HatchTech Hatch Traveler Chick Transport system will be unveiled at the 2019 International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta.

Based on earlier models of the Hatch Traveler, the new version will transport 183,600 chicks in a single journey. The Hatch Traveler Trailer can serve as a storage facility for chicks awaiting transport.

The Hatch Traveler incorporates a climate-control system based on laminar air-flow technology and perforated radiators. The design of the Hatch Traveler Chick Transporter is focused on maintaining a constant chick-body temperature of 104 F from the point of loading through to delivery. This reduces stress and dehydration and chicks continue to eat during transit.

Conventional trailers incorporate ventilation systems designed to maintain livability. HatchTech Chick Transporters are designed to optimize growth rate and feed conversion and to add to the advantages represented by the post-hatch HatchCare™ environment.

For further information, visit booth C9322 and C10915 or contact Edward Rozendaal at

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