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GM Salmon Now Approved for Importation


Aqua Advantage™ Salmon developed by Aqua Bounty was approved by the FDA in 2015.  In their determination the Agency ruled that the GM fish intended for food was not any different from natural salmon and safe to eat.


Commercialization of salmon was however blocked as there were no labeling guidelines to denote the GM status of the fish.  Accordingly the FDA implemented an import alert preventing introduction of the salmon into the U.S.  In December 2018 the USDA issued a standard relating to disclosure of the bioengineered status of food products allowing the use of a text symbol or digital link to inform consumers.


The FDA considers that the Congressional mandate was satisfied by the USDA final regulation relating to human food containing GM ingredients. Therefore the FDA will allow salmon eggs produced by Aqua Bounty to be imported into the U.S. to propagate Aqua Advantage™ salmon in a land-based facility in Indiana.


CHICK-NEWS has previously documented the advantages with respect to growth rate and feed conversion efficiency for Aqua Advantage™ salmon compared to farm-raised, Atlantic salmon.  By confining Aqua Bounty™ to a single inland site, inadvertent release of GM salmon to waterways would be prevented.

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