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Contribution of USPOULTRY Foundation to Education and Research


According to the 2018 annual report of the USPOULTRY Harold E. Ford Foundation, during the past year the Foundation allocated $328,000 to 28 institutions under the Education Recruitment Funding Program.  Grants ranged from $2,000 to $25,000 and were funded by companies, individuals and families supplemented with a contribution from the proceeds of the IPPE.


During 2018, $1.2 million was allocated for research funding.  Competitive grants were awarded for studies on reovirus, infectious bronchitis, myopathy, intestinal function, salmonellosis and molecular diagnostic techniques.  Five Ford research initiative grants totaling  $500,000 were approved for studies on necrotic enteritis, protozoal parasites of turkeys and tenosynovitis reovirus infection.  During 2018 fifteen research projects were completed addressing current issues in production including disease, environmental concerns, processing and packaging and nutrition.


Competitive grants awarded by the USPOULTRY Foundation allow faculty members at research-oriented universities to initiate pilot projects generating data that can be leveraged into more substantial grants to support their basic and applied research.

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