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China to Ban Import of Hogs and Pork from Cambodia


Thomson Reuters reports that China will ban importation of live hogs and pork products from Cambodia.  This action appears to be reflex and predictable response by bureaucrats with no material benefit to producers or consumers in China. 

It is fairly evident from epidemiologic data that Cambodia acquired African swine fever from China in the first instance.  Banning importation of potentially infected pork and live hogs from Cambodia would appear to be more cosmetic than practical given the reality that African swine fever is probably endemic in China given the extent of infection which embraces more than 25 provinces.  The actual prevalence rate is probably higher than official reports would indicate based on the policy of non-transparency.  The best indicator of the severity and extent of infection is the price of pork, which is steadily increasing, and according to the Ministry of Agriculture may be 70 percent higher by the end of 2019 compared to December 2018.

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