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Salmonellosis Outbreak from Ground Turkey Now Over


An extensive outbreak of Salmonella Reading infection extending from November 20th 2017 to March 31st 2019 is now over according to CDC. The situation will be monitored by PulseNet. A total of 358 diagnosed cases were recorded in 42 states. There was one fatality and 133 hospitalizations.

It is significant that the source was not identified. FSIS conducted a review and identified the serotype involved in 24 processing plants and 14 facilities processing turkey.

A significant route of infection emerging from the study was that raw turkey pet food contaminated with Salmonella can result in colonization of the intestinal tract of house pets with intermittent shedding of Salmonella which may infect family members.

The CDC recommended appropriate kitchen hygiene and cooking turkey along with all protein foods to 165F to ensure freedom from infection.

As an incidental observation, this recommendation based on sound scientific evidence, conflicts with the misguided comments that pork chops should be barbequed or cooked to 145F to optimize juiciness and texture.

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