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AHA Promotes Humanely-Raised Food


As we enter the grilling season Dr. Robin Ganzert, president of the American Humane Association posted an article in Technology promoting third-party certification of humane production of livestock and poultry. Dr. Ganzert emphasizes that a high proportion of consumers are concerned about farm animal welfare transcending other attributes including organic status, allergens and freedom from antibiotics.  Since consumers have limited knowledge of how animals are produced and are unjustly influenced by deceptive and distorted disinformation on the web, there is an obvious need for a science-based and effective program to monitor acceptable standards of housing and management.


Ganzert stated, “We have seen the demand for humanely raised food grow first hand.  We are approaching one billion animals certified every year through our American Humane Certified Program.”  She added, “consumers want to support humane farmers.  The best way to do that is by looking for independent, third-party certification that verifies that producers are meeting rigorous science-based standards.”

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