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Presumed Limited Outbreak of IBD in New Zealand


A poultry farm near Otago is under quarantine following a provisional diagnosis of infectious bursal disease due to Type 1 virus.


Authorities are currently working to confirm the diagnosis and characterize the virus which is exotic to the poultry industry.  Previously in 1993 New Zealand encountered a limited outbreak of IBD introduced into the nation in contaminated or mislabeled vaccine from Singapore.  Affected flocks were eradicated. 


New Zealand has a unique status with respect to avian disease and authorities are diligent to prevent introduction of a wide range of infections that could affect both domestic poultry and the fragile and endangered native avifauna.


In recent years New Zealand is has become a major supplier of grandparent-level breeding stock to China and other Asian nations following establishment of maximum biosecurity farms with elite-level stock.


It is anticipated that authorities will release information on the extent of IBD Type 1 following an extensive survey and an epidemiologic investigation as to the source and possible mode of dissemination of the virus that may have occurred.

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