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Philippines Confirms ASF


The Secretary of Agriculture for the Philippines, William Dar confirmed that mortality among backyard hogs in Rizal Province is in fact due to African swine fever.  Given the prevalence of the infection in Southeast Asia, this comes as no surprise. Investigations are in progress to determine the route of introduction.  The Department of Agriculture has imposed quarantines and limited transport of live hogs and meat products and has banned imports from all nations reporting ASF to the OIE.


The Philippines is the World’s tenth largest pork producer with a domestic herd of 13 million head.  Following mortality and diagnosis, culling will be carried out. Depletion of more than 7,000 animals has already taken place.


Given the structure of the pork industry in the Philippines that mirrors China with only one third of the national herd in commercial farms, control will be extremely difficult especially in the absence of a vaccine. 


In the short term, chicken consumption will increase as an alternative animal protein.

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