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Tyson Foods Donation to Food Banks


In a September 19th 2019 release, Tyson Foods announced donation of 170,000 pounds of protein sufficient to serve 700,000 meals. The recipients included Feeding America food banks and partner agencies throughout Arkansas. Tyson Foods has donated 3.8 million pounds of product within Arkansas during the current year.

Debra Vernon, Senior Director Corporate Social Responsibility for Tyson Foods stated “We are committed to addressing food insecurity in the communities in which we operate and are proud to support our local agencies”. She added “Protein is often the most difficult item for food banks to acquire and today’s donation will go a long way to ensuring our friends and neighbors throughout Arkansas won’t have to worry where their next meal will come from. It is a matter of record that in Arkansas, one in four children faces hunger with 500,000 of the population in a state of food insecurity.

Tyson Foods employs 24,000 in Arkansas and adds $2.1 billion to the state economy in purchases of livestock crops and fuel.

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