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China Now Purchasing U.S. Pork


As an indication of the need for pork to replace supplies reduced by an ongoing outbreak of African swine fever, China has increased imports of pork including from the U.S.

This is a departure from the previous policy that emerged during the ongoing trade dispute commencing during the spring of 2018. In August, China banned all agricultural imports from the U.S. Since then CHICK-NEWS has documented the deteriorating situation with regard to ASF noting significant escalation in the price of pork and the need to release frozen pork to stabilize prices. This is especially important moving into the month-long celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

Action by China in waiving duties on imported pork has accelerated processing schedules in the U.S. and a consequential rise in the price of live hogs. Within a short period, this will be reflected in increased domestic retail prices for pork that will be beneficial to chicken.


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