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Amoxicillin Shipment from China Intercepted at Entry to U.K.


According to a report in The Guardian, authorities confiscated a large consignment of amoxicillin shipped from China to a broiler farm in Northern Ireland. According to the news report, the Northern Ireland Department of Health commented “A multi-agency operation was carried out on Thursday 17th October in the County Tyrone area in pursuance of offences under the Human Medicines Regulation of 2012 and the Veterinary Medicines Regulations of 2013”.

The farm concerned is contracted to Moy Park, a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride.

A spokesperson for the Company stated “this matter is being investigated by the relevant authorities”. The Company added “any breach of the strict regulation on the use of veterinary medicine is unlawful and completely unacceptable to us”.

Investigations will determine whether any previous consignments have been received by the producer and whether the antibiotic was used other than in accordance with regulations and under veterinary supervision. Amoxicillin can be prescribed by a Veterinarian to treat herds and flocks similar to the FDA VFDs in the U.S. No antibiotic can be used for the purpose of growth promotion in the E.U..

It is self-evident that meat from Moy Park production will be subject to assay for a range of antibiotics and authorities will initiate surveillance for residues and drug-resistant pathogens.

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