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Burger King Sued Over “Contaminated” Meatless Whoppers


A class-action lawsuit has been filed in a Miami Federal court claiming damages for all U.S. customers of Burger King purchasing an Impossible Whopper. At issue is the failure of the company to disclose that they are cooked on the same grill as conventional beef patties thereby creating cross-contamination which is apparently unacceptable to vegans.

The lawsuit is faintly reminiscent of litigation initiated by Jain members of the Hindu faith that McDonald’s Corp franchisees used beef tallow to cook French fries in contravention of their religious beliefs.

Commentators have questioned how Burger King could have been so tone deaf as not to have predicted complaints, negative publicity and lawsuits from vegan activists when launching the Impossible Burger. As the late Gilda Radner so eloquently stated “There’s always something!”.

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