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NPIP Appointment


Dr. Elena Behnke, Senior Coordinator for The National Poultry Improvement Plan has announced the appointment of Dr. Kathryn Burden as the Veterinary Coordinator with specific responsibility for the Compartmentalization Program. Dr. Burden will interact with primary breeder companies to maintain USDA-Certified Compartment Status.  In this role she will also oversee the auditors responsible for certification.

Dr. Burden earned both her baccalaureate degree in agriculture and a DVM from the University of Georgia.  She was most recently the Director of the Department of Bacteriology and Field Veterinary Services at the Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network in Gainsville, GA. Dr. Burden has acquired experience in both laboratory and field diagnostics and she attended a training program on exotic diseases at the USDA-ARS Plum Island Animal Disease Center on Long Island, NY.

Dr. Burden can be contacted at <>.

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