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H5N8 Avian Influenza Reemerges in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia reported to the World Organization of Animal Health that an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza was diagnosed in the Central Riyadh region.  Appropriate control measures were implemented. During the period December 2017 through July 2018, H5N8 strain avian influenza was responsible for depletion of 5.3 million birds.


Saudi Arabia has modern intensive broiler production complexes. However a more primitive production system exists with live bird sales in wet markets operating through a network of dealers.  It is possible to suppress highly pathogenic avian influenza in complexes that operate with acceptable levels of biosecurity and vaccination. Commercial integrators and companies operating owned facilities process their flocks and distribute chilled and frozen product.  The existence of a live bird marketing system in any nation mitigates against effective control and ultimately makes eradication unlikely.

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