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China Confirms Regionalization for AI


China and the U.S. have agreed to the OIE principle of regionalization with respect to outbreaks of avian influenza and Newcastle disease.  No restrictions will apply in the event of low pathogenicity avian influenza.  In the case of highly pathogenic avian influenza, restrictions may be imposed at the state level.


The agreement signed between the USDA and the General Administration of Customs for China and the Ministry of Agriculture of Rural Affairs rescinds the blanket ban imposed on the U.S. in 2015 following and extensive outbreak of avian influenza in the upper mid-west affecting egg-production and turkey flocks. Broiler grow-out farms located in different sectors of the U.S. were unaffected during the 2015 epornitic.


The apparent cooperation by China in accepting regionalization is fundamentally based on self-interest as they need our feet and legs given the impact of African swine fever. In 2015 the ban was contrary to OIE guidance and could not be justified at the time by protecting an industry where HPAI caused by diverse strains is endemic. Also in terms of OIE guidance imports can resume from an affected area 90 days after depletion of the last diagnosed flock, provided surveillance is imposed. This would have been in August 2015.  Exports only resumed in 2020.

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