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McDonald’s Corp Leads in Developing COVID-19 Guidelines


On May 14th, McDonald’s Corp issued a manual containing procedures to protect workers and customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Joe Erlinger, President of McDonald’s USA, stated “these last few weeks have been immensely difficult for many across this country.  On behalf of the entire McDonald’s system, our franchisees and supplier partners, we thank you for your trust and allowing us to continue serving you during this time.”


The manual will serve as a set of nationwide standards for operations across all 14,000 U.S. McDonald’s locations that must adhere to the standards in addition to any state and local laws before serving in a company dining room.


The guidelines include: 

  • Increasing space between tables to allow for social distancing
  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces
  • Employees wear masks and gloves with PPE available
  • Closing play-places
  • Following CDC guidance
  • Placing signs within restaurants to inform customers of where to stand to maintain social distancing, order points and pickup


Customers dining-in will receive their food by direct –to-table delivery in double-folded bags.

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