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Kroger COVID-19 Programs to Protect Workers


In 2017 the Re-stock Kroger program invested $500 million in personnel over a two-year period.  The company will now add $800 million to boost wages and provide other benefits following the emergence of COVID-19.  This investment includes the Feed Your Future education assistance program for continuing education extending from high school equivalency through to an advanced degree.  Specific benefits associated with COVID-19 include:

  • Free COVID-19 testing based on symptoms


  • Emergency leave for those affected by the virus


  • Providing PPE


  • Requiring customers to wear masks


  • Improving the comprehensive healthcare package


  • Setting aside $5 million for financial support for economic hardships a result of COVID-19, including child care


  • Providing mental health services


  • Installing petitions and protective screens for check-out workers


  • Encouraging on-line ordering with curbside pickup and home delivery to reduce exposure of workers to potentially infected customers.


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