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COVID-19 Impacting Packing Plants in Brazil


According to Reuters authorities in State of Rio Grande do Sul reported the presence of COVID-19 in 32 packing plants.  To date 5,000 workers have tested positive for COVID-19 representing 25 percent of the state total.  Where testing has been performed, prevalence rates are as high as 35 percent in some packing plants. For the entire Nation more than 1.1 million cases have been confirmed with 52,000 fatalities. 


Authorities in Brazil ordered a JBS SA plant to test all workers for COVID-19 over a five-day period and to take appropriate action with quarantine of infected employees.

The Problem of Proximity on Lines

Despite the increasing incidence rate of COVID-19 in plants in Rio Grande do Sul, beef and chicken exports have not been curtailed.  According to the Executive Director of the State Producers Association exports of chicken for the first five months of the year attained 281,400 metric tons valued at $403 million corresponding to a unit price of  $1,432 per metric ton.

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