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Technology Leader in China Advocates for Cell Cultured Meat


Dr. Sun Baoguo, president of the Beijing Technology and Business University has urged development of cell-cultured meat.  Dr. Sun recognizes the lead in this area established by the U.S., Israel and Holland. He maintains that not only must China develop technology but domestic consumer preferences and tastes will require specific solutions.


Sun urged investment in technology although it is interesting that he commented "here we can borrow from the United States system for monitoring, supervision and responsibility when it comes to strengthening the safety aspect". In this respect Sun is misled since divided responsibility and jurisdiction between the FDA and the USDA will create roadblocks to development in the U.S.


Hopefully China intends only to make use of technology in the public domain and will not engage in commercial espionage.  Sun correctly notes that parallel with development of cell cultured meat, consumers will have to be educated to accept the innovation of cell-cultured meat in an objective way to achieve market demand.

Image purporting to display cell-cultured meat.

In 2017 China signed a technology agreement with Israel and in 2019 Nanjing Agricultural University claimed to have produced five grams of pork muscle.


Given the immensity of protein consumption in China, the statement that "cell-based meat is viewed as the most likely solution to meat supply via clean and sustainable means" appears fanciful and unrealistic.

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