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Planterra Foods to Launch OZO Vegetable Burgers


Planterra Foods will commence marketing OZO plant-based meat substitutes.  The company has developed technology to combine pea and rice protein with mushrooms to produce a patty supplying 22 grams of protein per serving.


The company will distribute product to consumer in a fleet of vans with a launch in the Denver, Detroit and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.  The company will then extend distribution to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Atlanta and Nashville.


OZO burgers will be available in Albertsons in six western and southwestern states and in Kroger stores in twelve states in the south and southwest.

As with many plant-based substitutes, it remains to be seen whether consumers will accept the product as an organoleptic alternative to real meat.  If there is considerable demand despite competition from existing producers and those intending to enter the market, questions arise as to available and anticipated capacity to supply the domestic and food service markets and the ultimate question of profitability.


Promotion based on sustainability appeals only to a relatively limited demographic. Although plant-based protein products have demonstrated a sharp upward growth rate during the COVID-19 crisis, the combined market share of substitutes as a proportion of total protein remains low.

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