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Aviagen to Erect Feed Mill in Pikeville, TN


As part of a $100 million investment in new facilities in Southern Tennessee, Aviagen will erect a state-of-the-art feed mill projected to cost $35 million.  The feed mill will have a capacity of 2,400 tons per week and will supply current pedigree and grandparent farms and future facilities.

Richard Obermeyer, Director of Feed and Production noted "a foremost priority is the health and welfare of our birds which begins with biosecure, high-quality feed".  The Pikeville, TN. facility to be erected will complement the production of the Sallisaw, OK and Athens, AL. feed mills.


In addition to the feed mill, Aviagen will erect a new GP production farm and will expand the Pikeville hatchery to supply increased demand for parent stock chicks for domestic and international customers.

Dr. Marc de Beer CEO Aviagen


Dr. Marc de Beer, Aviagen President for North America stated, "our mission is to help our producers around the world, feed their growing communities with a sustainable, affordable and readily available source of quality protein".  He added "we are committed to the people of Tennessee and are happy to expand our footprint here.  It is a state with an impressive work force and one that understands agriculture”.

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