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Formalin -Based Feed Additive Inactivates ASF Virus


In a recent article, Dr. Megan Niederwerder and collaborators at Kansas State University published on the efficacy of formula-based feed additives in inactivating the virus responsible for African swine fever (ASF).  Contaminated feed is one of a number of routes of herd infection.


A previous study demonstrated that African swine fever virus could remain viable in feed and feed ingredients simulating transcontinental shipment. This has implication for transmission to the American continent.


Among feed additives tested using an in vitro model a formalin-based additive successfully inactivated ASFv representing one part of a coordinated program to suppress ASF.

Dr. Megan Niederwerder KSU


*Niederwerder, M. C. et al Mitigating the risk of African swine fever virus in feed with anti-viral chemical additives. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. (July 2, 2020)

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