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China to Close Wet Markets Following Successive Outbreaks of COVID and Avian Influenza


Noting the epidemiologic relationship among consumers purchasing chicken in wet markets and the emergence of avian influenza and based on the consequences associated with COVID-19, authorities in China have adopted a policy of closing live bird poultry markets.  Major urban centers have been targeted for rapid action, although many markets still offer live birds that are now separated from customers by glass partitions. 


It will probably take almost a generation to completely rid China of live markets especially in rural areas. Younger and more affluent consumers are however content to purchase their chilled and frozen processed chicken and ducks at supermarkets.


 It is questioned why the U.S. should tolerate wet markets in urban centers catering to ethnic minorities. This would not only prevent contact among birds, customers and sellers, but also eliminate the supply infrastructure that represents a significant risk to the commercial poultry industry both in terms of domestic production and exports.

Wet Market stall China
NYC Wet Market

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