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USDA One Health Certified Label Unjustifiably Criticized by Consumer Reports


The USDA recently introduced the "One Health Certified™" program available to producers who are audited through the USDA Process Verified program. This program is administered by the National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education located at Iowa State University.


The criticism levelled by Consumer Reports is based on the contention that standards used to establish One Health Certified reflect normal industry practices and do not represent any significant improvement in welfare, freedom from antibiotic use or improved sustainability.


At this time, Mountaire Farms is listed as an official approved One Health Certified program participant effective December 3rd 2019 with respect to the company’s Delaware and North Carolina complexes. 


The Process Verified program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service offers producers an approach to differentiating products from competitors.  Companies participating in a Process Verified program must adhere to defined standards of welfare management, sustainability and drug use with verification of compliance by the USDA. 


The contention by that the One Health Certified seal is "meaningless" is unwarranted and probably represents a disinclination to recognize an alternative to their Food Label Rating system developed in September 2019.

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