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Succession at Seaboard Corp.


Following the untimely passing of Steve Bresky, the CEO and Chairman, the Board announced that Robert Steer will succeed as the CEO.  Steer is a 35-year veteran of the company and served previously as Executive Vice President and CFO.


Jack Bresky, the son of Steve, was appointed Vice President of Business Development.  The widow of Steve Bresky, Ellen S. Bresky, was appointed to the Board as Chairperson suceeding her late husband. Eighty percent of the equity is held by insiders and the remainder by institutions.


Seaboard Corporation is an agribusiness and transportation enterprise with worldwide operations.  The major segments comprise pork, commodity trading and milling, shipping, sugar and power generation. The company has a 50 percent interest in Butterball Inc, a major U.S. turkey integrator


Seaboard Corporation (SEB) has a market capitalization of $3.36 billion and has traded over the past 52 weeks over a range of $2,614 to $4,450 with a 50 day moving average of $2,993.


Operating margin generated by the company over the past 12 months attained 2.8 percent with a profit margin of 1.8 percent.

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