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Tyson Foods Receives Endorsement from LULAC


Following a visit by officials representing the League of United Latin American Citizens, Tyson Foods was able to demonstrate to the organization that they are genuinely concerned over COVID-19 and responsive to issues relating to worker safety.


Domingo Garcia, President of LULAC, outlined the requirements desired by the organization on behalf of its members, all of which are encompassed in the Tyson COVID-19 Prevention Program.



Noel White CEO of Tyson Foods with LULAC Representative

During a July 17th meeting and plant inspection in Springdale, AR., Noel White, CEO of Tyson Foods, detailed precautions to prevent dissemination of COVID-19 among  workers.  These included screening employees prior to plant entry, applying social distancing markers, multilingual signage, mandatory mask policy, and touchless handwashing and sanitation stations.  Tyson initiated COVID-19 testing at an early stage in the pandemic and has provided ventilated masks to workers in addition to investing over $100 million in bonus pay and hunger relief.


A representative of LULAC stated, “What we have seen confirms that Tyson is making significant changes and investments to improve worker safety and America’s food supply.”  He added, “LULAC will work with Tyson Foods and other meat processing companies that are taking every possible step to protect their employees.  Our joint goal needs to be helping save as many people as possible from COVID-19.”


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