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Aviagen Conducts International Production Management School as Virtual Presentation


In a September 8th release, Aviagen reported on the well-received first virtual Management School held August 3rd -7th.  A total of 480 geographically and culturally diverse students attended from all continents with poultry industries.

Topics that were covered included:-

  • Biosecurity
  • Trends in the international broiler industry
  • Value of genetic improvements
  • Nutrition
  • Ventilation
  • Diseases and parasites
  • Vaccination
  • Processing and myopathies

The course was led by Wouter Lassauw and included specialists from Aviagen in addition to Faculty of Auburn University.


The course was conducted over five days with four topics per day followed by a quiz to ensure comprehension. The virtual School allowed for discussion, exchange of ideas and networking while allowing participants to proceed at their own pace from homes and offices in all time zones.


Normally the school is offered annually in Huntsville, AL, but due to COVID restrictions Aviagen elected to present the program in a virtual format.  In the event the technical problems were minimal, and attendees participated using desktop and laptop computers or tablets.  Feedback from students was complementary with 325 votes submitted with scores ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars.


Following numerous requests, Wouter Lassauw has initiated planning future virtual schools.  Attendance by invitation can be arranged through regional Aviagen managers.


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