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Tönnies Plant in North Germany Closed Over COVID


The Tönnies plant located in Soegel in the Emsland District of the State of Lower Saxony near the border with Holland was closed by authorities following an outbreak of COVID among workers.  According to press reports, 112 of 2,000 employees have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus. The official order to close the plant for 22 days is contested by the Tönnies Group. 

In June, Tönnies was forced to close a large pork plant in Guttersloh as a result of an extensive outbreak of COVID. The extensive outbreak ended after personnel were equipped with adequate PPE and extensive changes were made to the ventilation system to increase air exchange in addition to modification of processing lines to allow social distancing. 


Authorities point to the use of labor contractors to supply workers for meat processing plants in Germany as a risk factor in community COVID infection. Laborers are recruited from Eastern Europe and are housed under conditions that could promote infection both in plants and local communities. Outbreaks of COVID in meat-processing plants in Germany have resulted in the introduction of legislation in Parliament to regulate and monitor recruitment of plant labor.

State Police enforce plant closure

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