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Tyson Foods Enters EU Market With Raised and Rooted™ Brand


On November 9th, Tyson Foods announced the launch of the Raised and Rooted™ brand in Europe. Products will be manufactured in the Netherlands based on R&D conducted in the U.S. and by the co-manufacturer. 


Brett Van de Bovenkamp, President of Tyson Foods, Europe stated, "our unique capabilities and innovation combined with our international footprint and infrastructure makes us uniquely positioned to be a European market leader in alternative protein".



Justin Whitmore, Executive Vice President of Alternative Protein at Tyson Foods commented, "our plant-based nuggets and tenders are now sold in 10,000 stores and online and we look forward to continued growth.  Our expertise in the category paired with our European Innovative Center, position us to serve global markets".

Products that will be launched include light and crispy battered nuggets, extra crunchy tortilla nachos and hot and spicy popcorn bites.  All the Raised and Rooted™ products in the EU will be non-GMO and will be free of palm oil, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  Consistent with market needs labeling will be multilingual and recyclable packaging will be used.

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