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Bilateral U.S.-UK Trade Agreement Mired Over Chlorination


U.K. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and her colleague Minister of the Environment, George Eustice announced that the Government is firm on banning U.S. chicken treated with chlorine and against beef from herds receiving beta agonists.


The U.K. Government is establishing regulations that are in harmony with the European Union.  The Trade and Agriculture Commission will be assigned the responsibility for designating products eligible for importation in accordance with the U.K. Agriculture Bill under consideration.


The decision by the U.K. Government is heavily influenced by representations made by the National Farmers Union that is opposed to the proposed Bilateral Trade Agreement.  In a joint statement Trade Secretary Truss and Environment Minister Eustice stated, “chlorinated chicken and “hormone-injected” beef are already banned in the U.K. and we will not negotiate to remove that ban in a trade deal. Discussions between the U.K. and the U.S. may however be subject to moderation given the difficulties faced by the U.K. Government with regard to trade and a new Administration adopting a less forceful approach to negotiations.”

Minister Liz Truss


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