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Future QSRs May Not Offer In-Store Dining


McDonalds is evaluating an on-the-go concept geared to drive-through, pick-up and delivery.  This approach is based on the reality that up to 70 percent of sales are currently derived from drive-through purchases.  McDonalds recognizes the need for faster service and is increasing the number of lanes available and is applying acquired and in-house technology to reduce waiting times between ordering and the pick-up window. 


Chipotle will introduce a digital kitchen concept that will only fill digitally-placed orders, mostly by pick-up, since many of their storefront locations lack the capability of drive-through installations.  Restaurant Brands International that franchises Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen stores is in the process of installing larger screens on their drive-through lanes.  Newely developed software is capable of predicting sales of specific menu items based on time of day, weather and local buying patterns.


Expediting drive through service, and facilitating pick up are accelerating trends that will dominate the QSR industry for many years. Ironically the move to eliminate in-store dining reflects the concept of the original McDonald’s locations that evolved from car-hop drive-ins with only store-front counter service.

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