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USPOULTRY Recognizes Meyhen


The daily U.S. Poultry Wire on January 8th recognized Meyhen International, distributors for Duram rubber defeathering fingers.  Meyhen colored fingers incorporate a new compound used to fabricate fingers of specified hardness.


Meyhen distributes a range of fingers designed for efficiency and durability:-


  • The Gina finger is compatible with Stork and Meyn pickers featuring a head that provides for a stable hold in disks. 
  • The Gaia finger is designed for heavy broilers and light turkeys. 
  • The Betti flat finger is suitable for Patrini pickers and turkey hock-pickers. 
  • The Janet picking finger was recently introduced and fits Stork and Meyn pickers. 

Meyhen International supplies a pneumatic finger puller to replace used fingers.

For additional information access the company website <>.

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