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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

KFC Upgrades Chicken Sandwich


Belatedly following the example of McDonald's Corporation, Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced a "KFC Chicken Sandwich".  The product will comprise a crispy chicken filet placed on a brioche bun with a pickle and a choice of spicy or classic mayonnaise (again sounding familiar).  The sandwich was rolled out in nine U.S. cities and will be available in as many as 4,000 stores nationwide by March.  The sandwich will cost $3.99 or $6.99 as a combo meal. The new KFC chicken sandwich will replace the ho-hum Crispy Colonel that could not compete with products offered by Chick-fil-A® and upstart Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.



An increase in demand for chicken sandwiches will benefit the industry, but with increasing demand, prices of raw product will rise, and margins will be shaved.


The illustrations of the new sandwich released by KFC may engender consumer disappointment or even lawsuits since the quantity of chicken depicted will obviously not be reflected in the product as served.


A gentle hint to the QSR industry would be to start working on a sandwich incorporating dark meat.  This will require ingenuity but would provide more beneficial margins and a fillip to the industry.  Since the QSRs appear to be reticent to innovate, perhaps a major integrator could fill the gap and devise a suitable product.

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