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Global Chicken Production


According to the USDA Livestock and Poultry Report issued January 12th 2021 chicken production worldwide will decline by approximately 1 percent. The Executive Summary states:-

  • “Global chicken meat production for 2021 is revised 1 percent lower to 101.8 million tons driven by sharp declines in the EU and China. The EU is battling widespread highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks across several Member States, weaker domestic demand, and higher grain prices. China chicken meat demand continues to grow but at a slower rate as the swine herd recovers and pork production rebounds”.
  • “Global chicken meat exports for 2021 are down nearly 1 percent to 12.1 million tons as lower EU, Thailand, and Brazil exports are offset by gains in the United States. The outlook for China imports remains unchanged”.


CHICK-NEWS will post the USDA projection for U.S. 2020 production and consumption of poultry meat and the 2021 forecast mid-month when data is released.

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