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Legal Action Contemplated over GMO and Glyphosate Bans by Mexico


In December 2020, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) issued a decree banning the importation of GMO corn and the use of glyphosate in domestic crop production.  The vaguely worded edict will be implemented over a three year period.


Juan Cortina, President of the Mexico Farm Council, announced that a legal challenge will be raised since the edict is regarded as being based on ideology and not science.


In 2020, Mexico imported 17 million metric tons of yellow corn required for the livestock industry, representing approximately 40 percent of agricultural production valued at $24 billion.  Mexico is self-sufficient with respect to white corn consumed by the population.


It is anticipated that the U.S. will oppose the ban on GMO corn as being contrary to provisions of the USMCA.


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