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George’s Encounters Worker Resentment


In an article by Rachell Sanchez-Smith in Facing South, a worker advocacy publication, it is alleged that George’s Poultry operates with an underlay of worker disaffection concerning COVID precautions.  During December 2020, 30 workers on the deboning line staged a one-shift strike.  Their grievance was that the company had ceased staggering shift times resulting in unnecessary congregation in change areas and clock-in points.  The claim for staggered start times was honored by George’s but strikers were penalized for missing a shift.  Promised hand- washing stations have yet to be installed and there are obvious rumblings over low pay. Workers with at least one year of service earn in excess of the $11 minimum Arkansas wage.


It would be of benefit to the management of George’s to compare their response to COVID with other employers in the state and the industry and to rectify any apparent deficiencies.  An improvement in communications with employees and greater sensitivity to the needs of Hispanic workers may be indicated.


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