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OZO™ Burgers and Sausage Introduced in Kroger Stores


Planterra Foods has introduced OZO™ frozen smokehouse burgers and original breakfast sausage into Kroger nationwide.  During summer, the company will add plant-based meatballs, nuggets and patties.


Season Lawrence, Packaged Meat Category Manager for Kroger stated, "with more consumers looking for plant-based options to add to their everyday meals, this new line of soy-free products brings exciting new innovation to the frozen aisle and more delicious flavor to the full collection of OZO™ products."


Darcey Macken, CEO of Planterra Foods stated, "this year has changed the way so many of us are enjoying meals.  The OZO™ expansion into frozen plant-based proteins offers more opportunities for flexitarian consumption through high-quality foods with positive protein solutions".

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