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Comparison of Commodity Prices in China with CME Quotations.


The relative prices expressed in US$ per short ton for corn, soybeans and soybean meal, July 2021 delivery, were downloaded from the Dalian Commodity Exchange website reflecting major contracts at close of trading on June 2nd. These values were compared with the spot price at close of trading on the CME as indicated



Dalian CE

52-week range

CME 06/02


XV $388*



Soybeans #2

XO $619*



Soybean Meal

XU $511*




* short ton with exchange rate CNY 6.25=US$1


It is evident that due to the higher price of feed, producers of hogs, eggs and conventional broilers in China are at a disadvantage in production cost compared to their counterparts in the U.S. and Brazil.


Large eggs (57g) traded on the Dalian exchange at 57 cents per dozen.   (12-month range 49 to 62 cents per dozen)

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