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JBS USA Activities Restored to Normal


In a June 3rd statement, JBS USA confirmed that operations had returned to normal after the cyber attack perpetrated by criminal group R-Evil (Sodinokibi).  The statement included “the loss of food produced during the attack was less than one day’s worth of production, any lost production across the company’s global business will be fully recovered by the end of this week.”


In commenting on the event, the USDA stated that there was “a strong rebound in cattle and hog slaughter that will continue through this week.” The statement added, “All in all the market is moving towards normalization and if the situation continues to resolve quickly we do not expect this incident to have lasting effects on wholesale and retail prices.”


The rapid recovery from the cyber attack is attributed to JBS maintaining encrypted backup servers that were not affected. The CEO of JBS USA, Andre Nogueira, stated “The criminals were never able to access our core systems, which greatly reduced potential impact.”


A UK-based cybersecurity company, GlobalData, pointed to the increase in ransomware attacks noting that criminals are obviously ahead of the cybersecurity defenses installed by large companies. The company noted that food manufacturers should employ data backup and recovery for all critical information.  Systems should be tested regularly and software should be updated to resist attacks.


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