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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Broiler Industry in Turkey Impacted by High Ingredient Costs


According to USDA-FAS GAIN Report, TU2021-032 released on August 31st, elevated feed prices are a restraint to profitability for the chicken industry of Turkey.


FAS estimates that production in 2022 will increase by 2 percent over 2021 to 2.23 million metric tons.  Domestic Consumption based on a population estimate of 85 million will be 43.8 pounds per capita in 2022. Domestic demand was suppressed in 2020 and during the current year due to COVID restrictions.


Exports will attain 539,000 metric tons, ten percent higher than 2021 and representing 24 percent of domestic production. Major exports markets include Iran, Libya and the ‘Stans.  Of the 442,000 metric tons exported in 2020, unit value was $1,092 per metric ton similar to U.S. leg quarters.


Forty percent of corn and 97 percent of soybean meal used to produce broilers is imported.  Romania, Russia and Ukraine are major the suppliers of corn.  Soybeans and soybean meal are sourced from Brazil and Ukraine. Feed comprises in excess of 75 percent of the total live bird production cost. 

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