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National Pork Producers Council Urging More H-2A Visas


Consistent with the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) campaign of "year-round pork needs year-round workers", the organization has called on Congress to expand the existing H-2A visa allocation for year-round agricultural workers.


Jen Sorenson, NPPC President stated, "the U.S. pork industry is highly dependent on foreign-born workers, but current visa programs do not provide access to enough workers to meet our labor needs on farms and in packing plants". Sorenson warned that if adequate labor was not available, pork production would be adversely affected and that consumers would pay higher prices at the checkout counter and exports would be placed at risk.


It is evident that the U.S. pork industry is confronted with a shortage of available workers exacerbated by the COVID outbreak necessitating availability of additional foreign workers eligible to work year-round.

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