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U.K. Farmers Oppose Trade Deal with Australia


Coming to terms with Brexit, farmers in the U.K. are now realizing that bilateral trade agreements will be to their potential disadvantage.  A trade agreement with Australia will allow importation of 35,000 metric tons of beef free of tariff during the first year following initiation increasing to 110,000 metric tons by the tenth year of the agreement.  Mutton will be imported duty free in quantities of up to 25,000 metric tons per year.


Meat-producing associations in the U.K. are mounting a rearguard action invoking health considerations, sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions and any other conceivable justification to oppose the agreement that is essentially a done deal.


The U.K. Government is looking beyond the interest of farmers noting the potential to export “iconic” British products such as Bentley and Rolls Royce cars.  Enigmatically these products are owned by holding companies in Germany but with wide international investment.


Following Brexit, the U.K. will need to develop alternative markets for the approximately $450 billion in goods and services previously destined for the E.U.  The trade deal with Australia is the first of many agreements including a proposed bilateral trade pact with the U.S.  It is clear that the current Administration in the U.K. will be content to sacrifice the interest of farmers to the greater value of international trade and specifically export substitution.

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