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Production of Animal Feed in China


The September 30th release of USDA-FAS GAIN report CH2021-0115 indicates the relative status of the major sectors of animal production in China.  For the period January through July 2021, production of animal feed expressed in million metric tons comprised: -

  • Swine: 72.9m.metric tons; 44.1 percent of total
  • Egg production:  18.3 m. metric tons; 11.1 percent
  •  Broilers: 51.3m. metric tons; 31.0 percent
  •  Aquaculture: 12.6 m. metric tons; 9.5 percent
  • Ruminants 8.0 m. metric tons; 4.3 percent
  • Total 163.1 m. metric tons


Notable changes were:-

  • Swine feeds increased by 66.4 percent for the first seven months of 2021 compared to the corresponding period in 2020 consistent with rebuilding herds after losses from African swine fever. 
  • Egg production feeds declined by 10.1 percent
  • Broiler feed was lower by 3.8 percent.

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