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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Hamlet Protein Presents Nutrition Seminars in Germany


Following suspension of in-person technical meetings as a result of COVID in 2020, Hamlet Protein has reestablished the platform bringing together nutritionists, from academia and industry to interact in an in-person event. 


Welcoming participants to a program on poultry nutrition, Dr. Jan Kamphof, Director for the Europe Middle East and African Region commented, "we are very happy to be able to meet with our customers again and to exchange ideas on the latest developments in the German as well as global markets.  Hamlet Protein has made significant investments in product development in scientific research in the past year". 


Presenters at the poultry nutrition seminar included Dr. Elizabeth Satin discussing gut health and sustainability: Dr. Maarten de Gussem on maintaining performance in broiler chickens vaccinated against coccidiosis; Dr. Alfred Blanch, Category Manager for Poultry with Hamlet Protein reviewing recent findings on dietary anti-nutritional factors in chicken diets.


In commenting on the seminar, Dr. Kamphof noted, "research shows that the inclusion of high-quality ingredients in starter and pre-starter feeds results in improved gut health, better digestion and absorption of feed components and a more active immune system".  He added, "that in turn leads to better returns for producers".

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