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Tyson Claims 96 Percent Workforce is Vaccinated Against COVID


In an October 26th release, Tyson Foods announced that 96 percent of its workforce has been vaccinated against COVID.  This follows an early August directive requiring 120,000 workers in the U.S. to be vaccinated by November 1st.


Dr. Claudia Coplein, Chief Medical Officer for Tyson Foods stated, “Getting vaccinated against COVID is the single most effective thing we can do to protect our team members, their families and their communities.” On August 3rd Dr. Coplein stated “With rapidly rising COVID case counts of contagious, dangerous variants leading to increasing rates of severe illness and hospitalization among the U.S. unvaccinated population, this the right time to take the next step to ensure fully vaccinated workforce.”


Donnie King, president and CEO congratulated the Tyson workforce noting that since August 3rd the company is close to a goal of complete vaccination of those eligible.  Thanking Tyson workers for their cooperation, he stated “We appreciate the dedication and courage to thousands of our team members who stepped up and signed up to keep themselves, their families and their communities better protected against this deadly virus.”


The vaccination mandate was supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union representing 250,000 meat packing and food processing workers including at least 25,000 employed by Tyson.  The company provided workers with a $200 bonus when fully vaccinated, taking advantage of the 150 vaccination events organized by Tyson Foods since the August mandate.


King concluded, “I would also like to say to those who remain unvaccinated, this is your choice and we respect that choice.  If you change your mind and want to rejoin Tyson let us know.  Our doors are open.  The pandemic is not over and we haven’t yet won the race but we know we’re in it together and our future is bright.”

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