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Olymel LP Appoints President


Yanick Gervais was appointed President and CEO of Olymel LP, a pork and poultry processing cooperative operating in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and New Brunswick.


Gervais succeeds the late Rejean Nadeau who passed away on October 14th.  Gervais served as Interim CEO following the indisposition of his predecessor.  Gervais is a CPA with a Master’s degree in taxation from the University of Sherbrooke.  Prior to his promotion he served as Senior Vice President of Operations at Olymel, responsible for more than 30 pork and poultry processing plants, logistics and engineering.


In accepting the position, Gervais stated “I humbly accept the position to lead Olymel, Canada’s leading agri-processing company to further its growth and success which my predecessor Rejean Nadeau did with such passion.”  He added, “I will be attentive to our 14,000 employees who are critical to our success and will strive to keep having constructive discussions with our suppliers and partners in both the pork and poultry sectors in the future.”

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